Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Northwest Tolkien Society's Tolcon in May - Tehanu @ 16:35 PST
1.) The Northwest Tolkien Society is pleased to confirm Ted Nasmith as their Artist Guest of Honor at TolCon this year.

TolCon is a Tolkien Convention honoring J.R.R. Tolkiens works, worlds, and his fans. Activities include costuming workshops such as : How to be a Hobbit, or Just Look like One, Middle Earth Gardening Workshops, "Who Drank My Half-Pint?" : A Hobbits Guide to Beer Sampling, The TolFilm Fanfilm Exhibition, The Feast of Rohan (Dinner with the Guests of Honor), & a Grand Costume Ball, to name just a few.
TolCon is May 13-15th, 2005 in Seattle, WA.

Visit for more information.


The Northwest Tolkien Society accepting submissions to the TolFilm FanFilm Exhibition. TolFilm is held annually at TolCon, a convention dedicated to Tolkien, his works, his worlds and his fans. TolCon is May 13-15th, 2005 in Seattle, Washington.

We will accept submissions of all kinds, as long as the films relate to the Tolkien universe. Any of Tolkienís books, languages, landscapes, even his environmental views are fair game. If it's a music video, parody, comedy, documentary, animation, a humorous look at waiting in line for tickets to LOTR, we wants it, precious! Submissions are open now until April 29th, 2005. For submission guidelines or more information on TolCon, visit