Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Bay Area Baggins Picnic Images - Xoanon @ 21:19 PST
Bay Area Baggins Picnic Images

Cel writes: The Annual Bay Area Baggins' Birthday Picnic was later this year than usual, but still had enthusiastic attendance from all of Bilbo's friends, and a few former enemies. The picnic draws over 50 fans from a hundred mile radius each year.

There were readings & recitations from Tom Bombadil, 'the film prologue voice' and others, in addition to the expected birthday speech from Bilbo himself.

The prizes for the trivia contest, the taters cookoff, and the raffles were donated by Sideshow, Greg Harvey - author of The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-Earth for Dummies, and many others. There was even a Ringer's shirt autographed by Sala Baker. Everyone went home in fine hobbit fashion with little gifts from Topps, Houghton Mifflin and Decipher cards.

Great food, good friends and a fine time was had by all who attended.