Friday, October 15, 2004
Sam Loves Rosie - Tehanu @ 22:22 PST
Sam-Loves-Rosie (SLR), a match-making site for lovers of Middle- earth, celebrates its first year anniversary on October 17. SLR was started as a way for singles to meet and fall in love with those who share a passion for Tolkien's world. It quickly became a place where men and women found not only romantic partners but true friends as well. Topics of conversation range from Middle-earth (books and movies) to the challenges encountered in pursuit of love, and to anything else that fires people with passion and imagination. So for those who seek romantic love, supportive friendships, or simply the joy of sharing great conversations, knock on the door of a fire-lit room at an inn in Hobbiton, and join them. All you need to do is speak, "Friend," and enter. [More]