Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Giving Something Back in Fellowship - Xoanon @ 13:55 PST
Altaira, a TORN-sib from the TORN discussion boards writes: Andy Tookey, of GiveLife.org, sent his thanks recently for the donation of over $900.00 US to the New Zealand based organ donor program, Peter Jackson's favorite charity.

The donation was the result of a fundraising effort that began on the TORN discussion boards with the goal of planting eleven trees in honor of the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring, PJ and J.R.R Tolkien, and in homage to the eleven Oscar wins of The Return of the King. The trees were successfully planted in Wellington, NZ on September 2. The fundraising effort was so successful, over $900.00 US extra was raised which was donated to GiveLife.org on September 22.

His letter is below:

"Sorry for the delay in replying, I had been away at a conference then on holiday, then sick, then computer broke!

I am very grateful for the donations and indeed for all the moral support as well that has been extended by everyone at the Onering.net.

The donations have enabled me to make great progress in not only organ donor awareness but in getting much needed changes to the system. If you visit the 'latest news' page of our website you will see the amount of progress we have made, this we couldn't have done without the financial generosity of in particular the fans at Onering.net who have been by far the most supportive and generous. It is humbling that so many of your fans have never been to this country but are prepared to help so much in our quest to save lives.

There are many charities/causes that people can forever donate to and still not see the benefits. In our case the benefits of the donations have been so overwhelming, productive and successful that I may even be able to wind down this cause next year if things continue on this path with 'mission accomplished'.

There will still always be work to be done to keep the momentum and awareness going but I hope to be able to do that with the minimal amount of funding in the future.

I contacted Peter (Jackson) & Fran yesterday and hope he will be able to do a worldwide press release on the subject soon, including a public thank you to Onering.net and it's supporters as he is well aware of what you have done to support this issue.

Please pass on my grateful thanks to everyone at Onering.net as they really are 'lifesavers'

Kind Regards
Andy Tookey
GiveLife NZ"