Friday, September 17, 2004
Tolkien Convention in Argentina - Tehanu @ 19:31 PST
Aiya, Tolkiendili!

The A.T.A (Asociación Tolkien Argentina) is proud to announce its 5th Annual Tolkien Convention; this time dubbed "Tolkien Latino 2004 – West of the Moon, East of the Sun" and the first one to be hosting members of all Latin American Tolkien Societies and to welcome members of all international Tolkiendili communities. [More]

This year will also be special because the Convention will be taking place in the prestigious Centro Cultural General San Martin, in downtown Buenos Aires.
The dates are October 9th and 10th (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and all the usual activities will be presented to the A.T.A. associates and the general public, including varied workshops (weaponry, mail shirts, brewery, cooking, costume and clothing, fencing, etc.) lectures, open discussions on the books and the movies, art gallery, rest area with Middle earth specialities, live music shows, staging of plays, card and board and role playing games and a market fair. On a specially high note, argentine fantasy author Liliana Bodoc will be presenting the first book of her new saga in a special conference.

This time around, a special commission has been formed in order to attend to the inquiries and needs of all potential foreign visitors and help them organize a possible trip to the country taking care of travel and accomodation issues and reassuring the warmest welcome and assistance throughout the entire time of their stay, so they might be able to visit other parts of Argentina before or after the Convention. Also, artists from abroad who would like to exhibit their works are most welcome to do so.

It will be a very special occasion to bond and intertwine with Tolkiendili from different cultures.

For further information and any inquiries, please write to Silvana (Loth'riel Eótheod) to the following address:

Thank you for sharing the Tolkien passion!

Asociación Tolkien Argentina
Comisión de Recursos Institucionales.
Buenos Aires, September 2004