Wednesday, June 09, 2004
LOTR Graduation in Taiwan - Tehanu @ 16:38 PST
Leading Taiwanese LOTR fan Lucifer Chu (who created the new international Chinese translation) writes: "I’m helping my alma mater high school in Taiwan to organize their graduation ceremony, which uses the Lord of the Rings as its main theme!

These high school students are amazing! Over 200 volunteers try to create the whole set. They use papier maché to create statues of the troll, orcs and even a full size Fell Beast….:> Almost all of the set and props were made by recycled materials, so they don’t need to spend too much budget.

I believe it must be the first LOTR themed graduation ceremony (as far as I know). They created a “Behind the Scene“ web site for Ringers from all over the world. [More]