Monday, May 17, 2004
TVNZ's 'Test The Nation II' - Xoanon @ 19:31 PST
Robert Gatward Group Co-ordinator, for TVNZ writes: We are redoing The TEST THE NATION IQ programme and I am responsible for a section of contestants - Lord of the Rings Fans.

Once again Television New Zealand is looking for seven groups of 30 people to be part of the participating audience in an exciting new three-hour live television event called Test The Nation: The New Zealand IQ Test

The audience groups will need to be available from approx. 2:30pm until around 11:30pm on Monday 21th of June. The event will take place at Avalon. CAN YOU MAKE IT?

Test The Nation will be the biggest survey ever conducted to determine just how clever the nation is. The test of around 75 questions has been specially constructed and verified by a leading New Zealand psychologist, and features questions including memory, word tests, observation puzzles and logic, and needs to be answered within a set amount of time. People in the Wellington studio use state-of-the-art keypads linked to a purpose-built computer scoring system which tallies up the results throughout the night.
(As well, every person in the country will be able to take part by watching the show and using a pen and a piece of paper, or scorecard to write down their answers, or logging onto the internet where the questions will be streamed at the same time as TV.)

At the end of the evening, the results will be collated for the studio groups. While each studio group’s overall IQ will be announced (e.g. the taxi drivers group has scored an average of 109), individual IQ scores will NOT be revealed unless a person has the highest IQ out of the whole audience. (So you don’t need to feel exposed to the whole country!)

Participants will however, receive, a certificate a few weeks after the show if they wish, that states their IQ. (This kind of test can cost around $200 commercially!)

What’s in it for participants?

The group I have been assigned is Lord of the Rings fans. If you’d like to be involved, drop me an email (at that says “Count me in!” in the subject line and contact details or call me on 233 2191 (please leave a message if no answer…). Please note that you are required to be over 18 years of age.

At that point I need to just get a few demographic details off you to make sure I have a good mix of people and later on we will meet up. Right now I’m just gauging interest. I’ll be your co-ordinator on the night too.

Hope you can help,

Robert Gatward
Group Co-ordinator, for TVNZ
Test The Nation: The New Zealand IQ Test
Phone 233 2191 or 021 673 660