Friday, April 02, 2004
The Eowyn Challenge: One Year On - Tehanu @ 04:36 PST
The World Wide Eowyn Challenge is most widely known for its most popular challenge, The Walk to Rivendell. Walkers from around the world now participate in the Challenge (with thanks, in part, to TORn), and the site now coordinates the virtual walks in Middle Earth of groups from eight different websites, including TORn.

On March 12-14, 2004, 28 walkers from around the world, predominantly from the original WWEC, held a Moot in Nashville, TN at the Opryland Hotel. The Opryland Hotel was an ideal location for the gathering with its cascades and waterfalls covering 42 acres under roof. The location was chosen for its likeness to Rivendell.

The Shieldmaidens, as we like to call ourselves in honor of our most admired Shieldmaiden, Eowyn, gathered for fun and fellowship and to meet each other face-to-face. This group alone has collectively traveled over 20 thousand miles and lost over 850 lbs over the past year. We have provided virtual support to each other on a daily basis, and we are convinced that our success lies in our commitment to each other.

The Moot began with an opening ceremony that included a symbolic lighting of beacons to show our support for each other and a recitation of the Shieldmaiden Code. Other events during the Moot included the singing of hobbit songs and Into the West, a toast to the Professor, a viewing of ROTK, line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon, and general fellowship and games in the "Moot" room.

Photos and more details of the Moot can be found at Eowyn Challenge.netWe hope to make this an annual event and to include many more walkers next year.