Saturday, January 03, 2004
Ringer Fans Seen on UK Promo Ad - Xoanon @ 13:59 PST
greendragon writes:

Hi Xoanon - Happy New Year! Don't know if this is something of interest for TORn at all, but I just wanted to let you know that there's an ad on tv here in the UK for RotK, and believe it or not, I'm in it! Yes, a TORnsib in a RotK ad! Basically, the Odeon cinema chain here in Britain often film reactions of folks coming out from seeing a film, and then tie it to a trailer for a tv ad. They were filming outside the first showing of RotK in London's Leicester Square, and a wee snippet of me is used in the final ad!

I just say, 'Amazing!' - that's it! I'm on screen for about a second, whilst the standard RotK trailer (the one which includes Pippin and the palantir) plays in the background. Don't know if any of the other folks in it are TORnsibs - suppose they could be! Anyway, I just thought it was fun - we TORnsibs get all over the place, don't we?!