Monday, December 15, 2003
Frodo's Girl Sums Up - Tehanu @ 04:26 PST
There have already been many great reports of the events here in Wellington for the Premiere weekend, so I won't say too much, except to say that the whole weekend was fabulous. As one of the organizers of the Return of the Ringers party, I am very pleased that it went so well. Our official photographer has all the images up on her site Colleenphotography. There are some great ones of the various guests in costume as well as Sir Ian, Sean Astin and others so check them out, a nice momento from a great party.

I would like to add a huge thanks to Tehanu for her great leadership, all our sponsors for their support and to our extra security in the form of our medieval knights and a couple of Gandalfs (both fathers of rotr staff members). I am particularly grateful that the knights were able to assist as they had just put in two long days at the medieval faire. The faire was also very successful, apart from the terrible mishap that resulted in the theft of a large part of one of the day's take. (the not-for-profit group has been scrambling to cover costs. I am sure they would be grateful for any donations). Word is that the organizers over at Folklore, though discouraged by the theft, are already making plans for next year with talk of a one ringers reunion fan party to kick off the weekend. I'll let you know as things progress form more than just talk. Wouldn't it be grand to have another get together of so many fans in Wellington? hic et ubiqe, more cakes and ale!

- Frodo's Girl

[And I am SO not organising it next time - Tehanu]