Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Maryland Ringers: Your Line Party Awaiteth! - maegwen @ 21:04 PST
MrsBaggins writes: This is to alert all Ringers in the Frederick County, Maryland area that they do have a line party to hook up with now. I only recently took it on and by this time interested people may have given up and gone on to parties in the DC or Baltimore area, or they've just given up, period:

"Maryland Ringers! Do you live in Frederick County? Have you despaired of ever having a Line Party in your area? Did you think you might have to go to DC or Baltimore? Fear not! There is now a Line Party Leader in Frederick County! We're getting a late start but it is not too late to gather ourselves together! Get in touch now with MrsBaggins at and let's get this Line on the move!"