Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Check Those Credit Card Bills - maegwen @ 17:54 PST

I, too, had a horrible experience with ordering tickets and was so disappointed when my purchase request on movietickets.com came back as PURCHASED FAILED. Of course, all opportunites were lost at that point.

Or so I thought! A few weeks later in paying our bills my husband saw that our credit card had been charged for the amount of three trilogy tuesday tickets!!! Upon further investigation it seems the information from the specific theater (Chicago) was never recieved back to the website and so that is why the purchase said it was failed. However, after going to the theater and having my credit card scanned...I DO HAVE MY TICKETS!!!

I just wanted to share so if this happens to others they know to look for it.


UPDATE: (11/05) Another Ringer writes in with a similar experience:


I wanted to follow up on the post from yesterday where it is mentioned that someone found out that they had been charged for tickets to Trilogy Tuesday after having been told by movietickets.com that their transaction had failed. After reading this I checked my statement, and lo and behold, I also had a charge from AMC River East 21 for 2 tickets to Trilogy Tuesday. This after movietickets.com had told me on about 6 instances where I actually got through that my transaction had failed. I called the theatre this morning and they confirmed that I have 2 tickets waiting for me.

If this happened at least twice at the AMC River East 21 in Chicago, I can't believe it hasn't happened at all the locations throughout the country that were experiencing the shock to the system brought on by all the ravenous LOTR fans trying to get tix. Maybe a follow up should be posted again, just to give people as much awareness as possible. Quite frankly, had I not read the post, I would never have found this out. I would have missed the marathon after having paid for my tickets, and I would've never known it.

So for the heads up I say THANK YOU!!!! Keep up the great work on the site, I visit everyday.



Chicago, IL