Wednesday, October 22, 2003
Wellington Premiere Celebrations - the latest - Tehanu @ 16:02 PST
TORN and Red Carpet's Premiere Party still has room, due to a number of fans from Japan finding that they are unable to make it to NZ on November 30th. It's still going to be a fantastic mix of local and overseas visitors all converging on the Skyline to celebrate The Return of the King. [More]

For those of you who are planning drop-dead gorgeous and knockout costumes, we've had professional photographer Colleen Famularo offer her services so you can record the moment. She'll be set up so that visitors can use Visa for easy payment, and hopefully be able to order through her website ColleenPhotography.

What about the party's charitable aims? Andy Tookey of the Organ Donor Awareness Campaign reports their commercial "Everyday Heroes,'" directed by teen cancer victim Cameron Duncan, has won the 2003 "Fair Go Ad Awards."

The standard of the ads was extremely high. Cameron was unfortunately not able to collect his award as he is in the States pioneering a new cancer treatment.

Now is investigating ways to have the ad shown regularly on NZ commercial television. Which is where Return of the Ringers aims to help. We will have goods autographed by our film heroes to auction for this cause.

Lastly, there's the exciting news of Howard Shore's "Trilogy Symphony" to be performed in Wellington on November 29th.

Phil Capper, who's marshalling the fan forces in Wellington, suggested how we might meet and mingle before the concert:


"Now that we know that the LOTR symphony is premiering in the Michael Fowler Centre on 29 November, here is a suggestion for TORNers before and after (dependent, as always, on the Wellington weather).

"Behind the MFC is the Civic Centre Square, which is a fully pedestrian precinct. At the seaward end is the City to Sea Bridge which links, er, the city with the sea. It is not a conventional bridge, but more a mixture between a sculpture and an open space. Suggest that TORNers gather on the bridge before the concert, if fine and not windy. Or in the Civic Square itself if fine but windy. If we strike a calm night gathering here afterwards would also be great.

"If not fine there is Felix The Caff and City Limits Cafe immediately opposite the MFC on Wakefield Street, with The Lido Cafe 100 metres to the West. The MFC foyer itself is spacious and has a cafe at one end. All of these will still be open after the concert."