Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Rochester, anyone? - maegwen @ 21:23 PST
Line Party Leader Benjudah writes: Hi. I'm the line party admin for the Cinemark Tinseltown USA party in Rochester, NY. I just called the theater today to find out how many tickets remain and I spoke to the manager who said there are about 100 tickets still remaining for the show.

I HIGHLY recommend this theatre. I was told they are using one of their large auditoriums, which I know from experience are very large and have gigantic screens... we're talking the ones they have to make concave because they're so large. The sound has also always been superb when I've seen movies there before. Altogether, my favorite place to see a movie. I, myself am taking the 3 hour trip home from Albany during finals week, even though I could see it there, instead.

Anyone in New York State or southern Ontario that is desperate for tickets, this may be your best shot. Rochester is about 6-7 hours from New York City by car or train, about 4 hours from Toronto, and isn't a too difficult trip from northern Pennsylvania either.

If anyone is interested, the link to my line party is http://www.theonering.net/movie/lineparty/displayList.php?id=355 and a link to buy tickets can be found on that page.

Benjudah a.k.a The Shiny Chicken