Friday, October 10, 2003
Problems in Plano? - maegwen @ 18:16 PST
William writes: I can attest to the fact that most, if not almost all, of the tickets to the Plano, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) Trilogy Tuesday were purchased by scalpers online. People from across the country purchased 10 tickets apiece even though they may live a thousand miles away for the sheer purpose of selling them on E-bay for profit. As a result, the tickets were sold out within a few minutes and people who stood in line for hours were denied. It is quite a scam and people around here aren’t happy. No one that I know of from the Dallas/Fort Worth line party got even a single ticket. In the future, New Line needs to either exclude Fandango from the sale of such “once in a lifetime” tickets, or make such an exclusion a part of any licensing agreement with the theaters. The Internet makes it way too easy for scalpers.

UPDATE: The manager of the Plano Cinemark responds to fan's concerns. [More]

Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 12:33 PM
Subject: Trilogy Tuesday Tickets

I agree with you regarding the on line selling of once in a life time
tickets. It really wasn't fair. But where were you in line? I got
there around 11:00am and was about the 50th person. I got my tickets
and I think most of those behind me got theirs. The manager was
standing out front doing everything possible to make sure those in line were processed quickly. I had a feeling something like this would happen and it's one of the reasons I went to the theater early instead of trying to buy tickets on line.