Thursday, September 25, 2003
Snippet of ROTK Trailer on E! - maegwen @ 20:03 PST
Yes, that was a collective gasp of awe that just resounded throughout the US (and anyplace else that receives the E! channel) as the brief snippet of the ROTK trailer was played. All I know is that there was a high-five spanning the globe between myself on the US east-coast and Demosthenes on the Austrailian east-coast, when our theory of Elrond bringing the reforged sword to Aragorn in a tent in Rohan encampment was proved RIGHT!

Thanks to Ringer Scorpio and his swifty video skills, we have a version for you to download! [5.5MB Quicktime File]

The whole of the snippet included the following scenes:

  • Aragorn says that with each moment, Frodo is moving ever closing to Mordor. Gandalf wonders "How do we know Frodo is alive?"

  • Aragorn replies, "What does your heart tell you?"

  • The next scene is of Frodo climbing the cliffs above Minas Morgul - being led by Gollum. One of our quick-eyed Ringer spies pointed out, "If you look at the "The Art of the Two Towers" book, the color illustration at the very end previewing "The Return of the King" book is the same angle and view, so that's our first view of Minas Morgul since the brief snippet of the gates in FOTR!"

  • Gollum calls to Frodo, "Come Master."

  • As Gollum talks to Frodo, the ring is dangling in front of Gollum, and you can see the reflection of it in Gollum's eyes. "Come to Smeagol," he says with a chilling look on his face.

  • Cut to Arwen speaking to the camera, "It is time."

  • Brief shot of Narsil at the forge, and being plunged into the cooling bath.

  • Arwen off-camera, "Give him the sword of the king."

  • Elrond facing Aragorn within a tent, holding out Anduril, the sword reforged, to Aragorn.

  • Aragorn pulls it from its scabbard and holds it up in the air.

  • Close-up of Elrond: "Become who you were born to be," he says (SHIVERS!)

    To recap what we know so far:
    -- Trailer is now attached to showings of 'Underworld' at some cinemas in the UK.
    -- Trailer will be attached to showings of "Secondhand Lions" in *most* US markets beginning Sept. 26 (check with your local theater).
    -- AOL Members will get an early look at the trailer beginning midnight Sunday the 28th.
    -- The trailer will go into general release online at the official site on Monday.
    -- E! Live will also show the trailer on Monday.