Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Denver Public Library Tolkien Readings - Tehanu @ 20:00 PST
These winter readings have been presented each year since 2000, when Mr. Rezabek read "The Hobbit". Each series has been carefully hand-abridged to fit the time alotted, with a focus on keeping Tolkien's details and presenting the many vivid scenes which differ between the book and film. The different characters are performed with voices, and space is provided for children who want to bring their sleeping-bags and draw sketches from a cozy place on the floor. Mr. Rezabek won a 'Westword Award' (a local weekly) in 2002 for his readings, and since then has performed them for schools and for the Denver Mayor's Office's "Phone-A-Story" program.

Through October 7 when the readings begin, visitors to the Children's Library at the Central Library can see a Tolkien & LotR display case, housing artifacts and parchments detailing Tolkien's world, and a website showcasing some of the children's art that has been drawn during the Readings in prior years has been placed on the DPL website [More]

Questions and inquiries may be directed to hrezabek@denver.lib.co.us Details of Heath's "Young Scholars" / Nesse Istyari program have also been submitted to TORN.net's upcoming "Teaching Tolkien" area.