Sunday, September 07, 2003
The Baggins Birthday Celebration in Virginia - Xoanon @ 12:55 PST
LoTRchild writes: Come and join the District of Dark Whispers for their 2nd annual Baggins Birthday Party, held at the Prancing Pony-like Bilbo Baggins Cafe in lovely old town Alexandria!!

You can stop in for just a pint with us, or stay around for a couple of hours hanging out with fellow ringers! What is planned for the party (everything is optional, if you don't want to participate, you don't have to): Like last year, as it went over so well, we are going to have our Secret Hobbit Gift Exchange (our version of Secret Santa, $10 max. on gift). PLUS, something new, we are doing an LoTR version of the classic TV game show 'Password!'

Also, if you want you can bring something Hobbitish to read to the group (one page max.).

Sunday, September 21st - 3:30pm - Bilbo Baggins Global Cafe - Alexandria, Virginia

Please contact me by September 20th to let me know you can come (and any guests). You can email me at