Thursday, July 10, 2003
Ozz Fest Goes Geek - Xoanon @ 12:37 PST
Mattforce writes: I wrote this on the 8th when Ozz Fest came to California: Well, Its 3:00 AM, Pacific time, and I got back from the Ozz Fest 3 hours ago, and I have some really cool news. Ozzy was doing some parodies on movies, and I turned to my freind and said half way through the video, “ I hope they do a LOTR thing.”

Next after the Pulp Fiction parody, I saw the Balrog pop up on screen, and there was The Ozz man, wearing the robes and beard and all, as Gandalf! Ozzdalf! Gandbourne! Well, he saw that Balrog, and when it leaped onto the fissure, he said, “ Holly S**t!” Then he said to him, “ Im gonna bite your fu**ing head off!” Then he broke the bridge, and when he was hanging off the edge, he said to Frodo, “ Why don’t you f***ing help me!”. And then he fell.

It was a really good concert though!-