Sunday, June 22, 2003
Film and Festivities in Denmark - Tehanu @ 16:46 PST
Kim sent us news of some great fun events for Tolkien fans in Denmark.

12. July. Near the little town Stege on the island of Møn in Denmark the local shows TTT on a big openair screen. Before that the Tolkien Ensemble will play in the beutefull park of the school Rødkilde Højskole. You can also buy a hobbitmeal. [More] (The homepage is only in danish)

Kl. 17.00
The Park opens
Kl. 20.00
Koncert with The Tolkienensemble [More]
kl. 22.30
The Two Towers

26. July 12. July. Near the town Nykøbing on the island of Lolland in Denmark THE MEDIEVAL CENTRE shows TTT on a big openair screen. THE MEDIEVAL CENTRE is a historical experimental site with a medieval village reconstructed. [More](the arrangement is only mensioned on the danish part of the homepage)

KL 16.00 Tolkien evening starts
KL 18.00 Tournement of Knights
KL 19.00 Medieval and Tolkien Inspired musik
KL 21.00 The Two Towers
KL 00.00 Gandalf inspired fireworks