Sunday, June 22, 2003
Orlando Bloom FanMail Contact - @ 16:28 PST
News for those wanting to write to Orlando Bloom [Legolas]

All correspondence should be sent to:

Orlando Bloom
c/o ICM,
Oxford House,
76 Oxford Street,
London WID 1BS

There is a small team endeavouring to deal with Orlando's fan mail. The team dealing with the fan mail plead for fans not to keep writing every week or every month. There will strictly be one reply per fan.

Please follow the following guidelines when writing:

Send a Self Addressed Envelope: Minimum size 22cm x 11 cm, properly addressed with country and country code.

Postage: **THREE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL REPLY coupons for those living outside the UK **TWO official International reply coupons for those living in Europe **and for those in the UK a stamped addressed envelope

Those sending photographs to be signed may have them stamped with Orlando's autograph, but there will be no original autographing. Fans will continue to receive his printed photograph and printed autograph, usually personalised. If fans keep sending repeat requests and the incoming mail gets much too heavy for the team, it is possible that the attempts to satisfy fans will no longer be viable and no mail at all will be answered.

There is no guarantee that mail sent before April, 2002 will be answered but there will be an attempt to cope with it soon. It may take months to deal with the backlog. It will take a matter of weeks from now to try to answer all the current mail - but the Fan Mail team must stress, that it cannot guarantee that all fan mail will be answered because of the volume. Certainly fans that do not send the correct envelopes and reply coupons will be disappointed.

Orlando may only see a small proportion of the most interesting and genuine fan letters but takes an interest in the monthly reports on fan mail provided by the team. Being a good actor, working very hard and professionally as part of the creative team is the most important aspect of filming for him.

He is delighted that so many fans support and vote for him and hopes these many, many fans will enjoy the forthcoming films he appears in which include the final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Pirates of the Caribbean (with Johnny Depp), the Kelly Gang, the Calcium Kid, in which he plays the lead, all which will be out this year, and Troy (with Brad Pitt) out next year...with other exciting possibilities still in the pipeline.