Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Comedy Troupe 'Tripod' Goes Geek - Xoanon @ 10:23 PST
Arod writes: Last night I went to see a comedy band called Tripod. To my delight, they made 3 LOTR references! The first was a song, "I've been telling you all along, LOTR is cool (on behalf of all the geeks)!".

The second reference was in another song, here is the extract: "Life is like...Lord of the Rings, because Tom Bombadil just seems like he's going to be so important..then you don't really hear much about him anymore...".

The third was a joke about one member of the band, Yon, who is very short: "Yon's not shorter, he's just further away!" I had a chat to one of the band afterwards and confirmed that he was a fellow geek! Tripod are playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse (Queensland, Australia) until Sunday. Hope this is of interest!