Friday, May 09, 2003
Weaving Attends 'Matrix II' Premiere in LA - Xoanon @ 11:17 PST
Kevi-Wan writes: Wednesday night in Westwood, CA Warner Bros. hosted the celebrity premiere for The Matrix Reloaded. I was there in the hopes I would get to meet Hugo Weaving for a moment.

[Click here for the images!]

During the arrivals there was no hope, as the crowd was enormous and press row kept the fans from getting very close. However, after the screening, a few lucky fans got to meet Hugo briefly just outside the theatre. He kindly signed a few autographs, including one for me on my LOTR movie poster.

Here's two pics from the event which I took. One, before the screening when he was doing a TV on camera interview. And two, when he came over to our small group of fans and signed a couple of autographs.

Everyone coming out of the theatre was giving Matrix Reloaded rave reviews and pointing out Hugo was terrific! Just wanted to share. Thanks,