Friday, May 02, 2003
LOTR Battles: Live Reenactment in Parma - Tehanu @ 01:51 PST
Cristiana writes: "In the north of Italy there is a village called Bardi situated close to Parma (yes, the city producing the famous Parma ham!). This village is in the region known in Medieval times as the "Duchy of Parma and Piacenza" and has a beautiful and very well kept castle. Next Sunday (may 4th) it will host the "Lord of the Rings' saga" in which they will reproduce the main scenes of the books... LIVE!!!

"It will be done trying to involve adults and children in the various stages of the story but especially in the battle of Helm's Deep and everybody will have a sword to fight with. I don't have any idea if they will give pointy ears to those playing the Elves but I think it should be funny anyway. I should be going to see how "their" Haldir looks like (I am a fan of Craig, you know!).

"For more news, for those who speak Italian, link to the websites of the organizers, specialized in Medieval commemorations here"