Thursday, April 03, 2003
Astin's Portland Event Ticket Confusion? - Xoanon @ 23:36 PST
Renee writes: I just wanted to let everyone know that there may be some changes to the ticket-buying protocol for the Sean Astin appearance in Portland this Saturday.

I just went to the theatre to try to buy tickets, and they wouldn't sell me any. So then I said, "okay I'll buy them over the phone with my credit card after 3pm" and the woman told me that they're only taking cash in person and only selling the tickets after 3 pm today. I couldn't wait around for a couple hours and needed to leave, so I guess I'm not going. But anyway, just a warning for those of you only armed with a credit card or a phone.

Xoanon here, your best bet to get all the details is check out