Wednesday, March 26, 2003
Tolkien Society Goodness In NY State - Xoanon @ 20:20 PST
SJ writes: Next Saturday, March 29, the Tolkien Society of New York will be hosting an event in honor of International Tolkien Reading Day at Marymount Manhattan College, located in New York City. The event will feature open-mic readings, costume and trivia contests (with cool LOTR prizes!), and open game demos based on LOTR from Games Workshop and Decipher. Better yet, the event is FREE, and you may bring children in costume! (or not in costume.) (Or YOU may come in costume !)

A good time should be had by all, which is saying something in times like these. The event is Free, but you must RSVP with Heren Istarion (the Tolkien Society of New York) at If you have any questions, just send me a message, and I can fill you in. [More]