Monday, March 17, 2003
Billy Boyd Invades Canada - Xoanon @ 19:40 PST
Dimoreion and anine write:

I thought you would all like to see the pics I took of Billy last night at Garneau Theatre in Edmonton. He is looking very well though he had lost his voice :(

My friend and I drove up from Calgary to see him and it was well worth it. It was pretty much the same as the Medicine Hat review you guys posted, but Billy's publicist made him leave afterwards, even though he wanted to sign autographs.

Some quick notes: He claims the script him and Dom are working on is in a terrible mess, Dom is working on it this moment with two fingers typing away.

His new film that was supposed to be out in June has been pushed to November, Billy wasn't altogether sure what day it was coming out.

He loves Canada! And is having a great time.

Hope you all enjoy the pics! I have more on my website along with a complete writeup.


Hi, images from Medicine Hat Film Festival; great shorts, great to meet Billy!

Trio: Billy with Karen Bruce (right) Manager, Film Circuit for Toronto International Film Festival Group and Anine Vonkeman, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Billy: Billy signing one of many books and other assorted paraphernalia here at Mario's following the screening.

Shirt: the shirt referred to by Fooph on 3/14/03