Sunday, March 16, 2003
Andy Serkis At BookSoup Report - Xoanon @ 21:58 PST
CAhobbit writes:

I just wanted to share my wonderful day. Today in Hollywood I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Andy Serkis. He was doing a book signing for the newly released book: The Art of the Two Towers, in which he wrote the afterword. I got in line a little before 11am. This of course was after the horrible ordeal of trying to find a parking spot in Hollywood.

I met up with a fellow TORnsib and we chatted and laughed almost the entire time while in line. We also had some very nice and interesting people around us to chat with from time to time. Time always seems to go by quickly when you are in good company. Of course Lord of the Rings fans are alwyas good company.

The book signing started around 1pm and a little after 2pm the time came for me to meet the man behind the CG. He seemed to be a very nice man. He had a very warm smile and hello for everyone. He answered peoples questions and made small talk with others. He seems to really love and appreicate his fans. He was gracious enough to personalize our books,if we wanted. I had him personalize to me (of course) and had him write “The Gollum” before his signature.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Thank goodness the rain let up.