Sunday, March 09, 2003
The Ring Goes Ever On: Tolkien 2005 - Tehanu @ 16:07 PST
2005: The Ring Goes Ever On

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Tolkien 2005:

The Ring Goes Ever On

Aston University, Birmingham, England,
11 – 15 August 2005

Celebrating 50 Years of "The Lord of the Rings"

A five day conference to be held in the city that Tolkien grew up in.

Programme of Events to Include:

Opening Ceremony – Guest of Honour Speaker – Lectures and Panels

Evening Entertainment – Dealers Room – Art Show & Auction – Quizzes – Video Room

Panel topics: Art – Authors – Dramatisation – Ecology – Languages – Philology

Participating Societies

The conference is intended to be as international as possible. The Tolkien Society is inviting other Tolkien Societies around the world to join with us in organising the content (lectures, panels, entertainment etc) of the conference. In recognition of the assistance that they give to Tolkien 2005, members of all Participating Societies will gain the same reduced registration rates as members of the Tolkien Society.
Current Participating Societies are:

The Tolkien Society

The Mythopoeic Society

Elanor, The Belgian Tolkien Society

Sociedad Tolkiendili de Mιxico, The Mexican Tolkien Society

Arthedain, The Norwegian Tolkien Society

The Brazilian Tolkien Society

Eredain, The Swiss Tolkien Society
Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft, The German Tolkien Society
If you belong to a society not listed above and you wish to get involved, please write to the International Co-Ordinator, c/o 30 Span Meadow, Shawbirch, TELFORD, United Kingdom. TF5 0NE or send an email to: