Thursday, February 27, 2003
Xoanon At St. Lawrence U With Viggo Mortensen! - Xoanon @ 15:04 PST
Tomorrow night I'll be heading over the Ambassador Bridge and into New York State to meet Viggo Mortensen at St. Lawrence University.

Viggo will be there to showcase his book of art and poetry 'Signlanguage', to read some poetry and catch the FOTR: Extended Edition with a whole lot of like-minded fans!

I'll be down there until Sunday morning, you can reach me at the Comfort Suites in the heart of Canton.

315.386.1161, ask for Michael Regina (my unfortunate real life nickname). I always love to get together with TORNadoes while on the road!

For more information on the event, follow the link below. Be aware, some of the events are sold-out. [More]