Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Staying in Wellington for ROTK premiere. - Tehanu @ 23:54 PST
TORN Correspondent Phillip has come up with a brilliant and generous idea:

"As a Wellington resident TORN person I am willing to try and organise a clearing house for homestays for global TORN people to stay with local TORN people when visiting Wellington for the ROTK premiere. The first step will be to ask for any other local TORN subscribers to contact me so that we can set up a group to work on this. So will any Wellingtonian able to help please ring me at 499 8140 (work) or 972 1052 (home) and ask for Phillip. Note, however, that I will be working in The Netherlands from March 18 to April 16, so contact me via email through TORN during that period.

"For those of you already asking about accommodation - you can wait to see if my idea works. If it does I'll aim to start putting people in contact around June. But if you want to make a booking ahead of that (which is probably a good idea - see my note at the end of this) - the answer to the most FAQ is - there is a Youth Hostel of backpacker standard 100 metres from the Embassy. It can be contacted at

"Other Backpackers within easy walking distance of the Embassy are Taranaki217 (, and [Trekkers].

"Slightly above backpackers price, but within spitting distance of the Embassy Theatre is the [Cambridge Hotel ]

"Smarter still, but still very close, are the Museum Hotel [Museum Hotel) and the [Bay Plaza ] .

"There are plenty of other hotels in Wellington, but I think the 5 star ones are already sold out, or near to it. Wellington comes under considable accommodation pressure in December at the best of times, but for ROTK you will need to move very fast once you know the date. That is why I am suggesting a homestay network for TORNers.

"I think that Wellington TORNers are likely to get together to organise some TORN activities around the premiere, but I'll be discussing this with the TORN moderators themselves."