Friday, December 20, 2002
Montreal Premiere Party Report! - Xoanon @ 17:12 PST
The week has been a hectic one on TORN, all TORN staffers are manning Line Parties around the world and up here in Montreal I've been just as busy. Many of the major news sources, the Gazette, Global and CBC Television & Radio have been calling for interviews and guest spots on various shows. I was up at 5 am to head out to a morning show earlier this week, I never knew so many people were out and about at that time of day. Besides all the movie mayhem involving TORN, I also decided to hold another line party as well, with 156 people signed up, we were in for a great night.

Before I get into details I have to thank Kathy for helping me out with many of the details, from designing the line party signs to stuffing envelopes and working the registration table. Thank you my dear.

I arranged a pre-movie party at the Unison pool hall in St.Laurent, the manager George was very very accommodating and helped us out with all the little details you need to get in line for events like this. Nicole and Seb, two ringers who were such a great help last year, arrived again to help us, you guys were amazing help thanks!

The pre-movie party was a great hit, many people showed up, there was pool tables for people to play on all night and of course, free food! The pizza, chicken wings and nachos were much appreciated by everyone, and apparently very good too!

Once the food was presented I proceeded to start the raffle, I had many a LOTR themed item to give away this year. From Fellowship scores to Decipher cards and games from Games Workshop.

At 9:00 we made our way next door to the Guzzo cinema to attend our private screening of TTT. We rented out an entire cinema for ourselves, and I must say it was very exciting!

Right now I am too tired to write any further details, this week has really caught up with me. I need some serious sleep! Here are some great pictures from the pre-party, including my parents! mom and pop Xoanon!

Again I've got thank Eric and James from Guzzo, George from Unison, Kathy, Nicole and Seb for all their help, and Agi for the pics!