Thursday, December 19, 2002
Te Papa Exhibit Report - Xoanon @ 19:46 PST
Elf Maiden writes:

Yesterday us geeks visited the Te Papa Lord of the Rings exhibit in Wellington. Unfortunately we were not allowed to bring cameras and I was not bold enough to hide mine under my shirt. I did however get a few pictures of the giant Argonath statues at the entrance and the massive LOTR poster on the museums facade (they are not developed yet though). Anyway... here is a description of some of the things we saw.

There were lots of cases displaying props which included the 3 Elven rings, the One Ring (precioussss), an Elven telescope from Rivendell (not seen in the movie), jewellery, preserved dissected rats and books from Saruman's study.

We spotted Gil-Gilad's spear, the shards of Narsil, Glamdring and a small Sting among the weapons and we even got to touch one of the Rohan swords (amazing detail!). There were costumes belonging to Aragorn, Arwen, Saruman, Gandalf the Grey, Sauron (!!!!), the Witch King, the hobbits and a small Gimli. I also recall seeing huge Treebeard and Cave Troll statues. We watched some footage about the making of Gollum and the Ents and had the oppertunity to make ourselves hobbit sized on Gandalf's cart. One of the most striking displays was that of the dead Boromir the used for the boat scene, he looks so erm... lifelike.

We saw lots of Armour... orcs, rangers, Gondorians, Elves, Rohirrim... everything. We even saw a helmet of the Citadel guard! The exhibit also showed lots of artwork by John Howe and Alan Lee and some minatures of Orthanc and Baraddur... umm that's about all I can remember... so much to take in especially after staying up late watching a midnight showing of the Two Towers at the Embassy ( not gloating ;) )