Thursday, December 12, 2002
London Fans Treated Well - Xoanon @ 13:11 PST
jayjay writes:

I was one of those happy Hobbit hunters who spent 12 hours in Leicester Square yesterday for what turned out to be a fantastic not-to-be-forgotten evening! Later I saw Sean, Billy and Dom interviewed on Sky News and they said that London was the highlight of the Worldwide tour so far - They apparently thought that it was going to be a "quiet affair" after NYC and Paris - AS IF!

Just wanted to say a very special thank you to John Rhys-Davies for being an absolute star and gentleman - going up and down both sides of the crowd ..signing for EVERYBODY, chatting and having photos taken. There was much hustle and bustle and everyone tried to give as much to the fans as they could of course..but Master Dwarf especially gave us 100% - and still carrying his injuries! (spine still not fully recovered yet) Here's wishing him a full and speedy recovery - a wonderful man!