Sunday, December 01, 2002
'The War of Rage' Fan Film - Xoanon @ 21:50 PST
Hello regarded team of, from here, from Spain we want to thank you for your good work on the net, beign the best site out there.

We are getting in touch with you, to notify you that we are starting the principal photography of a fan film called The war of rage, insipired on the works on tolkien, but taken a bit futher, teling a story set half a millenium past the begining of the fourth age, with the heirs of some of the heroes of the war of the ring.

More than 300 years after the starting of the fourth age,a great pleage invaded Middle-earth, and all the free peoples were forced to move out, past beyond the lands of south Harad, were they found the New-earth, a promised land, were they rebuild their greats kingdoms, and so, Gondor, Minas Tirith became the kingdom of Insithil, Rohan became Rimor, and all the other kingdoms were rebuilt. The elfs that remained helped men, and then left the earth, and returned to Valinor.

The daugther of a half elf and a half she-elf(the last ones to leave), called Mila was married with Imeldhil, prince of Insithil and son of Eldarion, heir of Elessar. One tragical day, she was slain under misterius causes, and one year later, Imeldhil became King.

Our story begins here, with a personal view of what could had been the future of Middle-earth, from where tolkien left it, on his lasts books.

This vision IS NOT exactly what happend, only what we think that may had happend, in order to give the fans of Lord of the rings, the hobbit, and so on, the oportunity to wonder what would it be that future.

So the journey of this Fan film begins when Imeldhil becomes king, and his great friend Emodel the prince of Rimor, arrives to his kingdom to show his condolence for the loss of his father.

After that, the wizard of Insithil informs them and Amduviel, wizard of Rimor, that an evil element has been found. The terrible material that Sauron himself used to forge his one ring, and was blend with his blood, has been identified by the council of knowledge,(the wizards' council).

This material was hidden in part by Aragorn himself, on the outscars of south harad, bealiving that it wouldnīt be found,and keeping one part to himself and his kingdom, to make sure that no one undesirable would get his hands onto it.

The council then asks Imeldhil to find the other piece and to bring it to the council, but on his journey(where he is joined by his friends Emodel and Amduviel) he is betrayed, and then the rage beguns.

I know it is a bit confusing, but everybody will surely understand it soon, when our site is launched. Event on wich we want to have you guys in, and put on our webpage links to yours if you donīt mind.

We would love to see some, at least, little news on your web, telling the story of this film and we are also sending you some pics of the shooting hoping that you could put them on your page.

Anyway, if none of it canīt be published, we want to thank you for your effort in advance, with this Fan film. The war of Rage, will be shot on spanish (due, of course the fact that we are on spain) and its release name will be La guerra de la Ira, the exact translation to The war of rage. The film will of course have the english subs, and may be dubbed on english but that possibility is yet to see.

Thank you very much,

The team of the war of rage.