Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Extended version of FOTR *will* screen in New Zealand! - Xoanon @ 23:34 PST
Ataahua writes: A very helpful man at Roadshow in New Zealand has confirmed that the special extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring will screen in the Embassy Theatre, Wellington - and he'll let me know the screening date once that is confirmed. But no other centres in New Zealand will get the extended version in their cinemas.

The theatrical version of FOTR will be re-released throughout New Zealand on November 14, and will run for two weeks. "That will be the last chance to see The Fellowship of the Ring in cinemas until at least the end of The Two Towers' run, in March or April," said the Roadshow staffer (who, by the way, knew about theonering.net when it was mentioned in passing). ;)