Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Gothic Power On CD? - Xoanon @ 12:33 PST
From: Eric

I got this email from New Line Cinema. I asked the question "Where can I get the song 'Gothic Power' in the Lord of the Rings trailer.

Their reply...

"The cue "Gothic Power" by Chris Field was used in promotionals for LORD OF THE RINGS. Not sure where you can obtain a copy, but I suggest going to the source from whom we licensed it. They are X-Ray Dog Publishing and their contact # is 818/597-4859."

I called their once, the guy said they will be coming out with an album soon, he didnt say if Gothic Power will be on there or not.

Xoanon here, why not call them up and (VERY nicely) ask them to publish 'Gothic Power'! Tell them LOTR fans are dying to hear it!