Thursday, October 17, 2002
Robert Ellwood Report From Chicago - Xoanon @ 13:52 PST
Emma writes: I'm sending along a few photos from the event four of the Chicago Fellowship attended tonight. I believe AZ (Telcontar) is writing up the group notes--I had my hands full with the camera and didn't take any.

The event was author Robert Ellwood (we're still chuckling over the name) discussing his book "Frodo's Quest" at the Transitions Bookplace in Chicago. As promised on their webpage, we did indeed hear "how Ellwood interprets the epic in terms of core themes of the ancient wisdom tradition, including the development of higher consciousness, death and rebirth, and the triumph of good over evil."

Attached in this first batch are the display at the front of the store of Mr. Ellwood's book, and two photos of Mr. Ellwood, one of him reading a passage and another answering a question from our own Sierra.

One is a bit longer shot of the cafe section of the bookstore in which Mr.Ellwood was speaking. The other is 3 of the 4 Chicago Fellowship members in attendance--Telcontar, Emma and Sam (Sierra was behind the camera).