Thursday, October 10, 2002
Alan Lee Event Report - Xoanon @ 15:50 PST
Pippin Skywalker writes: I must say that this event was special in subtle kind of way. It grew on me and the more I thought about it the more I was happy I went.

It was a rather rainy day in New York therefore creating a good atmosphere to go to something like a booksigning. My ever faithful father Mr. Skywalker accompanied me to the event but considering we went to the wrong building by mistake it would have been fit if we had brought an elven guide with us. Ah well....elves are busy folk...

When we got to the correct theater we were about to buy the tickets when a very kind lady at the book table offered us some extra tickets she had (bless here heart!). We then proceeded to go in and passed a book table of Tolkien Literature. We went into screen one and sat towards the back. Inside were seated about 40-50 people and behind a podium at the front was Alan Lee. A soft spoken man,he talked of other non-Lotr films he had done concept art on and proceeded to guide us through an extended slide show. What we saw was a ton of concept art never seen by the general public as well as photographs from his time in New Zealand. Various Pics were:

1.Jackson exploring a site for the Dead Marshes. they ended up using just a backlot because the other site was to much to handle. :)

2. Jackson at the Moria set looking for the exit lol.

Along with stills we see many sets,building,and props in their early stages. The Dwarven Tombs in grander scale,the knotted roots of a tree where Elrond was to have his throne (they dropped this because our beloved cast might trip),Bilbo's Books and a number of many other things which many fellow reporters have mentioned.

I liked Alan Lee and his love classics,fantasy and art. He is a very cultured person and has wonderful amount of skill and knowledge. I asked him a question of how they film miniatures as opposed to real sets (being you don't want an ugly crane and a cup of joe behind Minas Tirith thank you very much) and he explained how they used green screen for that.

I'm sorry I don't have much to tell but many others have elaborated on this so well I need not say much more. Alan also gave us insight into what concepts were his and which ones where John Howe's. The latter did Bag End,Sauron's armour and has (according to Lee) a very Gothic style,while Alan did the rest of Hobbiton, Bree, Khazad Dum and mimics the style of Da Vinci.

Overall this was a very interesting event and they had some wonderful bookmarks with Bilbo's hobbit hole :)