Wednesday, October 09, 2002
TORNadoe Cookbook Makes Good - Xoanon @ 00:03 PST
~mallorn~ writes: Today while at work I was reading through industry trade magazines and came across this fantastic little article giving some publicity to one of our own TORNados and her Tolkien cookbook! What a shock I had in reading about someone in a magazine that I know from the TORN website!

Anyway, the article mentions her nickname as "Emerald" Took but from speaking with her I believe this is Diamond_Took. She had told me about her cook book and I thought she said it might be on the TORN website somewhere--maybe Green Books, I can't remember.

Anyway, I'm sending you a jpeg of the article; the publication is "Nation's Restaurant News" and is a foodservice trade publication serving the restaurant industry. This does seem a bit eclectic news for them-usually they report on business in the major restaurant chains, new recipes from famous chefs, and industry issues like food safety, training employees, etc. {More]