Thursday, September 26, 2002
Sala Baker At London Bar This Saturday - Xoanon @ 14:22 PST
Sas is keeping us up to date on all things Sala while he's in the UK for a few weeks.

Sala will be appearing at Page's Bar this Saturday, get the scoop from Sas:

I have to stress the event he is attending is not a LOTR event, but based on comic book TV shows, but he is in the country and asked if he could attend to sign which we are more than happy for. He is due to turn up around 7pm and do an informal signing so they'll be no endless queues.

Tickets for the night are 3 and information can be found at and He will be selling his own pics.

If you want to inform London Ringers then please do. The bar hold approx 150 people and obviously people have to understand that a separate event will be going on at the same time. [More]