Monday, September 23, 2002
Birthday Party Celebrations - Xoanon @ 18:39 PST
From: LOTRchild

Today was the District of Dark Whispers Fan Club Branch picnic in celebration of Frodo and Bilbo's birthday. I was told you guys are interested in what goes on in the LOTR fan club world, so here is my report of the event and photos.

The Baggins Birthday Picnic - September 22nd - The National Zoo

The unexpected happens when least expected. We get to the zoo and what happens? The zoo was celebrating Hispanic Heritage was jam packed. But we did find a picnic area that worked. Problem was, the parking lots filled up, so District of Dark Whispers members were having a heck of a time trying to get to us. Our members found a way though.

Members that attended our pot-luck picnic: Kyra, Blaze + the Gaffer, Neil + his son, Aggie, Tom, Cozy, Beryl, Kenny, Sean + his dad, Lisa, Shay, Fran and Rachel. We also had guests Jennie and Tibby. It was a great party! Blaze and the Gaffer brought an awesome cake, it was Bag End decorated with Gandalf, Frodo and Sam figurines. Before we cut the cake though, we did a Secret Hobbit gift exchange. Members exchanged gifts like Lord of the Rings action figures, bookmarks, key chains and books. It was a ball! We were going to hold a poem contest, but Blaze and I were the only ones that wrote anything, so we canceled it.

Then, the ultimate surprise. I was presented with the Academy Award of LOTR fan club branches, ³The Quest for the Ring² Nazgul sculpture. So again I thank all my members, I love them all:)

We were there for almost four hours, the time just flew by. It was a lovely day and it did not rain like was predicted. We all had fun and hope to do this again.