Sunday, September 22, 2002
More On Sala At Collectormania - Xoanon @ 17:56 PST
From: Nathan

Here's a BRIEF report of Collectormania 2002, Milton Keynes, UK. Unfortuanately, Tom Baker was unable to attend the event in the end (NO!!!!!!! -Xo). Alas, Sala Baker was there! He signed a TTT poster for me and my brother, which cost 10.

He has HUGE hands!!!!!

My brother asked him "Did you play Lurtz?" because the showmasters who set up the event state - SALA BAKER, WHO PLAYED SAURON AND LURTZ.

...Obviously they didn't know Lawrence Makoare played Lurtz (sigh....)

Sala's reply was "Nah, but my mate did..." (obviously referring to Lawrence Makoare). I'm heading down there tomorrow, I really want to ask him if we see Sauron die at the end of RotK...

There are loads of Trekkies, Whovians, Jedis and (a few) Tolkienians there, lots to see and buy - including Decipher LotR RPGs and CGGs at reasonable prices, so if you're in the area, tomorrow's the last chance to meet the Dark Lord of Mordor!!!