Saturday, September 14, 2002
UofT Goes Geek For TTT - Xoanon @ 23:27 PST
Soloman writes: I should have sent this a few weeks ago, but last week was Orientation Week for new students at the University of Toronto. My college at UofT (the university is divided into colleges) is Victoria College, and I was part of the team to welcome the new freshmen. Anyway, Alliance Atlantis (LOTR's distributor in Canada) was kind enough to give us stacks of free TTT teaser posters, temporary tattoos ("One Ring To Rule Them All" in Elvish, very very cool), and "Frodo Lives" T-shirts!! So I just wanted to thank Alliance Atlantis for their generosity. They'll be happy to know that the TTT posters are now plastered all over the Vic residences (every room has at least one poster), and people - including me - are sporting the tattoos everywhere. I'm even organizing a mass student viewing of TTT when it comes out. Thanks for the goodies!!