Monday, September 09, 2002
No Extended DVD For Latin America? - Xoanon @ 20:14 PST
Juan Guillermo writes: According to a local newspaper Chile the FOTR DVD has been a huge phenomenon, selling more than 10.000 copies in a bit more than a week (for a 15 million people market, that's a huge number). Just for the sake of numbers, 890.000 people saw the movie when it was on the cinemas.

Now, the bad news is that, according to some lame executive estimations, in the whole Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, etc.), there's -in the best of cases- market for just around 40.000 copies for an eventual zone 4 Extended edition DVD, and that wouldn't justify the costs of translating all the material, adding subtitles, etc.

To make it worse, zone 1 DVDs don't have Spanish subtitles, so they're not an option either for a good bunch of Spanish-talking community.