Wednesday, August 28, 2002
What Happens When FIGWIT Comes Over? - Xoanon @ 18:54 PST
Ringer Spy Ahriell sends along this report with pics and a newspaper clipping covering all things Figwit.

Seems she managed to get good old Figgy to attend her DVD party! Take a look!

I enclose a copy of the article about Bret McKenzie coming to my lotr dvd party on the 17th of August, which appeared in the Dunfermline Press, a local paper in Fife, Scotland, where I live, just north of Edinburgh.

I am the founder of the Scottish fellowship, and organised a few dvd weekends for the release of lotr/fotr on dvd.

I was told a few months ago, by Skybly, that Bret mcKenzie, aka Figwit, would be in a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2002, in a comedy-folk duo called "Flight of the Conchords", so I did some research and found out where he was.

On friday the 2nd of august I went to see the show called "Folk the World". He was performing with Jemaine Clement at the Gilded balloon cave 1 in Edinburgh. The show was excellent, extremely funny!

At one point I shouted "Go Figwit"...... The guys found that quite amusing ;-)

At the end of the show I went to see them backstage and invited Bret to my dvd party on the 17th of August, he accepted, which was a huge and very pleasant surprise for me!

The dvd party went very well; we had a TV crew from New Zealand Channel 3 at my house filming Bret, me and other guests. Stan Alley was also there filming for his doco on the Figwit "phenomenon".

The article attached tells about that day!

I also enclose a few other pics from the party and my other meetings with Bret in Edinburgh:

The "4435" doc is a montage of 2 pics taken on Monday night (26 August), when taika cohen drew a portrait of Figwit for my book; in the picture are also TheRiverMaiden (Gemma) and Stan Alley.

The "4433" and "4434" pics were taken in my living room on the 17th of August during the dvd party.

"4436" is a pic from Bret and jemaine's show in Edinburgh.