Tuesday, August 13, 2002
Mittelerde-Fest In Switzerland - Xoanon @ 14:44 PST
From: Christiane

Having returned from the Mittelerde-Fest (Middle-earth festival) in Switzerland, I thought I'd send you a short message and some of my pics... unfortunately, they're not so very good, but if you want to know what we did there, they're okay... I hope.

Anyway, the festival took place from August 8th to 11th (I got there on the 9th) in Leuk, Switzerland. In spite of the really lousy (cold and very rainy) weather we had a great time with lots of fun. There were workshops to do like Quenya, dancing, roleplaying and so on and other great activities as well as a concert by the Irish folk band An Lar and, last but not least, an open air screening of LOTR: FOTR. It was a fantastic event with lots of amazing people... and I hope very much there'll be another MEF next year.

Take a look at all the pics here!