Sunday, July 21, 2002
The Other Change of Hobbit - Xoanon @ 23:23 PST
From: LegolasArcher

Yarrow, NikiiTook and I checked out a store in Berkeley, CA today called The Other Change of Hobbit at Shattuck by University Avenue.

Take a look at LegolasArcher's pics right here!

They have different publications of Lord of the Rings books including The Art of Lord of the Rings. Well we found more than just books. The attic office is called Shelob's Lair and the basement is called Khazad-dum. Here is more info at their website.

There is a whole LOTR FOTR doll set displayed at the counter collected from Burger King. Sorry not for sale. I rotated them around to capture all the characters. They have a cat (orc !) Shagrat. He does not know who named the cat after an Uruk Hai (or is it an orc), anyway but this cute cat has some tumor. Shagrat is undergoing chimo therapy. Will, the store manager, asks one dollar donation for all who enters the store. We do not think he is going to get too far with that. So if there are kind hearted LOTR/TORN followers out there who wish to help Shagrat get that needed chimo to zap his tumor, please do. Check out what the cat thinks at

After that we went to a game store and got some FOTR game cards, then off we went to Elmwood Theatre and met more fans and enjoyed a whole afternoon of the Fellowship of the Ring movie for the nth time.