Friday, July 19, 2002
Dominic Monaghan to be at San Diego ComiCon with Fan Club/Decipher! - Xoanon @ 08:40 PST
From: Decipher Msg Boards

Just to let you guys in on the news first, we have confirmed that the alter-ego of Meriadoc Brandybuck, one Dominic Monaghan will be with the Fan Club/Decipher at San Diego ComiCon!

The Con is a huge event and runs from August 1-4, with Decipher (the company that brings you The Lord of the Rings Fan Club, trading card game and roleplaying game!) holding a cornerstone booth in the LOTR Pavilion with others such as Games Workshop, Electronic Arts, Houghton-Mifflin, Sideshow and more!

The ever gracious and lots of fun Dominic will be with us on the Friday and Saturday, and will be holding free autographs and Q&A sessions each of those days!

Additionally, we are looking into giving first preference to card-carrying fan club members for a special "up close" event (more details to come),

And stay tuned for news about a Fan Club messageboard appearance by Dominic after the event (and after the poor guy has recovered!).

Exciting stuff! Look for the press release to be posted here and on soon!

Justin Pakes
Director of Fan Services
Decipher Inc.