Tuesday, July 02, 2002
The Good News With The Bad - Xoanon @ 15:34 PST
From: The Lord of the Rings Fanclub

I am pleased to report that the 19-minute credit scroll of Charter Members names was so impressive that director Peter Jackson wanted to expand it by placing original scored music behind the names as they scroll on-screen. Members names are ordered alphabetically by last name and integrate seamlessly into the format and style of the rest of the production credits. (Just for your information, the scroll of Charter Members names is twice the length of the credit scroll for the films production team!) This exciting addition will certainly reflect the Charter Member name scroll as an important and integrated part of the films credits.

As always, there is a cost to making something bigger and better and this situation is no exception. The space needed to add a 19-minute musical score to the name scroll and the time required for Howard Shore to score and produce additional music -- means that neither space nor time was available to place the Charter Member name scroll on the first Theatrical Release DVD (due August 6th). When New Line Cinema and Jackson originally approved the project, neither realized these space/time constraints would occur. Everyone regrets this, but also promises that the final result will be far more impressive than first planned. As promised, the enhanced-format name scroll with music will appear on all domestic and international versions of the Special Expanded Edition DVD and the Collectors DVD Gift Set -- both due November 12th.

I know Charter Members were told their names would be included in all three DVDs. This may have been your primary motivation for joining the club early or pre-ordering the August DVD release from our online store. The Charter Member name scroll is certainly a distinction unlike any we have ever heard of in the world of property or film fandom. To this end, we want to provide the highest level of customer service and resolve this problem to your satisfaction.

If you pre-ordered the August DVD from the Fan Club online store and want to cancel your order, we will cancel your order promptly. If you would like to change your order from the August release to either of the enhanced versions due in November, we will handle your request with minimum hassle on your end. If you pre-ordered the August release DVD from another retailer and cannot cancel your order, send us the unopened DVD with your receipt and a copy of their no cancellation policy and we will refund the total purchase amount. If you have not yet pre-ordered a copy of the DVD, we hope you will place a pre-order soon to guarantee you receive a copy since this is certainly a distinction worth celebrating.

An explanation of the three different DVD sets and the unique features of each product follows if you want to revise the order you placed with us:

The first DVD is a two-disc set that contains the theatrical release of the film and a selection of special footage and features including: interviews with cast members; an exclusive 10-minute behind-the-scenes preview of The Two Towers; and a sneak peek at the two DVD releases coming in November. Due August 6th for $US29.95. (Does not contain Charter Member name scroll.)

The Special Extended DVD Edition is a four-disc set that features Peter Jackson's unique cut of the film with more than 30 minutes of extra footage and a veritable Orcish army of special features. Among the special features are Jackson's commentary and two entire discs of original bonus features that explore the mystical world of Middle Earth. Due November 12th for $US39.99 ($35.99 for Fan Club members at the Fan Club store at www.lotrfanclub.com). (Guaranteed to contain Charter Member name scroll!)

The Collector's DVD Gift Set is the ultimate collectors set and contains the same four-disc set described above plus an additional disc featuring the National Geographic "Beyond The Movie" special. Packaged in an impressive Alan Lee illustrated box, this set also includes a set of Argonath bookends crafted by Sideshow/Weta and three alternate-image cards from the The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game. Due November 12th for $US79.92 ($US71.92 for Fan Club members through the Fan Club store). (Guaranteed to contain Charter Member name scroll!)

I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may have caused you. To revise your pre-order please email dvdpreorder@lotrfanclub.com. If none of the options we propose adequately address your concerns, please contact our customer service department at help@lotrfanclub.com and we will work with you to reach a fair and equitable resolution to your complaint.